Matrilineal Monday: Juda Hill

Five generations back on my direct matrilineal line sits Juda Hill.  There’s me, my mother, then:

  • My grandmother, Wilma Mae Watkins
  • My great-grandmother, Juda Eva-An Taylor
  • My great-great-grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Grant
  • My great-great-great-grandmother, Juda Hill

My great-grandmother Juda Taylor was named after her maternal grandmother, Juda Hill.  Juda Hill was the third child born to Aaron Hill & Elizabeth Wilson in Rutherford County, North Carolina.  There is some discrepancy is Juda’s birth year.  A few records point to 1835 but most indicate 1838 as you will see.  Her birthday was August 22 according to her death certificate.  This information appears to be provided by her youngest son.

Juda first appears  when she’s twelve on the 1850 census in Bills Creek, Rutherford County, North Carolina, with her parents, three brothers, and two sisters.  I have been unable to find Juda in the 1860 census.  She is not listed in her parents household or near them on the census.  According to the 1900 census, she and her husband, Thomas Grant, had been married 43 years.  That puts their marriage in 1857.  But I have not found them on the census.

By the 1870 census, Thomas and Juda are listed in Broad River, McDowell County, North Carolina with their children, Joshua (13), Jane (11), Andrew (7), my great-great-grandmother Sarah (5), and John (2).

The 1880 census for Chimney Rock, Rutherford County, NC lists:

  • Thomas & Juda
  • Mary, age 19-probably Jane from 1870 census
  • James A, 15-probably Andrew from 1870
  • Sarah E, 14
  • John A, 11
  • Wm Judson, 8
  • Augustus F, 6
  • Margaret E, 4
  • Roy Vaughn, 1

In 1900 Thomas and Juda are living in Fairview, Buncombe County, North Carolina with daughter Margaret (25) and a grandson Marion L Grant (13).  In 1910, Thomas and Juda are still in Fairview with 33-year-old daughter, Margaret.

Juda’s husband, Thomas, passed away in 1914.  She died 4 January 1917.

Juda Hill Grant death certificate

Juda Hill Grant death certificate

She was buried in Cane Creek Cemetery in Fairview, Buncombe County, North Carolina.

What struck me as I researched Juda Hill Grant is that my great-grandmother was 23 when she passed away.  Mamaw’s mother had died when she was nine, but her grandmother lived much longer.  I wonder if they were close?  I never heard her speak of her grandparents.  It makes you wish you asked more questions.



5 thoughts on “Matrilineal Monday: Juda Hill

  1. Jan says:

    OK, I’m confused! Granny (your great-grandmother) did not die until she was 88 years old. Who died at age 23?

    Also, Jill lives in Fairview, not far from Cane Creek. I’ll ask if she knows where the Cane Creek Cemetery is located. Maybe we can find Granny Juda’s grave. Wouldn’t that be something?!

  2. Jan says:

    I thought that was probably what you meant, but wanted to clarify. Do you know where Mamaw’s grandparents and parents are buried? I hope we can find Juda and Thomas’s graves. That would be really cool. It may be two or three weeks before we can coordinate enough to go look for them, but I definitely want to give it a try.

    • Mamaw’s dad is at Bills Creek Baptist church in Rutherford county. Mom and I put flowers on his grave this summer. That church was established in 1782!! I believe his parents are probably buried there too with stones long gone but I’ve been trying to verify that. I’m guessing her mom is buried there too but I remember granny telling me that’s why Mamaw didn’t want buried at Macedonia because she couldn’t find her mom’s grave.

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