Wedding Wednesday: Gus Watkins & Eva Taylor

Wedding Photograph

Gus & Eva Taylor Watkins
Wedding Photo
14 Jan 1914

The photo above is my great-grandparents Augustus Samuel Watkins and Juda Eva-An Taylor‘s wedding photo.  I apologize that I have done everything I can think to make the photograph larger and have been unsuccessful.  I must admit, they do not look terribly happy for their wedding day.  All I can think is it was a tough life back then. Don’t worry though.  The letter below and many grandkids can attest to their love for each other and many happy times!

I would like to share another letter from Gus to Eva when he was working in Spindale and she was in Vein Mountain, North Carolina.  I have transcribed it below.  From October 1917:

Gus Watkins letter to Eva9-page-001

Gus Watkins letter to Eva10-page-001

“Spindale N.C.

Oct 16 1917

Dear Eva will write you a short letter to let you hear from me

This leaves me very well

Truly hope you all the same

Well I got home alright Sunday

Say did Mamie Sue cry when she woke up Sunday

I hope not

Would like to see you all now

Maby sometime it we’ll be so that we can be together all the time

Think I will be ready to move the next time I come home

Well Eva I haven’t got any news to write

Just thought I would write and let you no how I was

I will have to close and go and mail this letter before the store closes

Hopeing to hear from you soon

Your boy an ever Gus


love the kisses at the end!!


2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Gus Watkins & Eva Taylor

  1. Jan says:

    They don’t look happy because in those days having your picture taken was serious business and people rarely smiled while being photographed. They were actually told not to smile plus setting up the shoot took a long time and no one could sustain a smile for that long! They had to sit absolutely still or the picture would be ruined.

    • I heard that my whole life but since I have picked genealogy up again I have seen so many pictures of people smiling I can’t figure out what they’re talking about. Maybe it depended on the camera, how old, what kind. I couldn’t decide whether to mention in the post a cousin found this and emailed it to me. So glad she had it!

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