Travel Tuesday: Off to Make Memories and Leave Clues for My Descendants







I will not be posting for at least three weeks and I wanted to let everyone know that I haven’t dropped off the planet…I’m just on the other side of it.  I’m off to make memories my descendants may learn of someday.  Will they find my passport application?  Doing genealogy puts filling out vital records and official documents in a whole new light.  Every time we do, we leave a little clue behind.  Or as my cousin says, people won’t need to do genealogy anymore because they can follow our whole life on facebook.  Another interesting twist to the times in which we live.

Explanation of my travels (in case you’re interested):

My junior year of high school my parents were asked if our family would like to host a foreign exchange student the following year.  After a lot of convincing from my sister and I, they agreed.  The following year, an exchange student came from Germany and we had a blast.  Why am I writing about this on a family history blog, you ask.  Because while other families with foreign exchange students had a fine time or just did not get along at all, our foreign exchange student fit right in with our crazy family.  She truly became like another sister to us, like a daughter to my parents, and a granddaughter to my grandparents.  She returned several times over the course of the years, for business (always making sure to pop in on us) and pleasure.  One year, she came to attend my sister’s wedding; another she grieved at my grandparents’ grave.  The last time we came we gave her an old Christmas ornament of my grandparents and a letter my Poppy wrote to my Gran when he was away during World War II.  This was especially significant to her because of the postmark and all that was going on in her country during that time.

While she has visited regularly, we have never been to Germany to see her.  We promised when she got married we would come for the wedding.  Last year, we got the email!  We quickly began making plans.  We ended up turning it into a three week trip.  After visiting with her in Germany for about a week, we are heading to Paris, London, and Ireland for four to five days each.  We soon heard from her again that she and her fiance had decided to go ahead and have their civil ceremony, but they were still having a church wedding in a castle!  We had booked our plane tickets, made hotel reservations, and purchased train tickets, when she emailed again announcing she was pregnant.  Yay!  We all knew how much she wanted to have children and we are so excited for her.  But the church wedding was off, at least for now.  While we will miss getting to see a German wedding, we will have more time to visit with her and we can have a baby shower of sorts.  Enter passing on family traditions.  My Poppy gave every grandchild born a silver dollar and we are taking one to her for her child.

We are so excited to visit Europe and make these memories with our family and hers.  I will return to blogging as soon as I can when we return.

In the meantime, don’t forget where you came from!



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