Ida Mae Osgood

Pink_ribbon.svgIda Mae Osgood was my other mystery great-great grandparent.  Because her daughter Shirley, my great-grandmother, was young when she passed away and because Shirley passed away when my grandfather was young, no stories of her life were passed on.  Because my great-grandmother was adopted and I did not find out her birth name from the beginning, I went on a wild goose chase looking for Ida until I got more information.  I was also looking in Cleveland where she spent the end of her life and had no clue I should be looking in Lorain County as well.  It’s amazing how pieces fall into place with one little bit of information.

It’s also amazing what a little search on FamilySearch will turn up.  With the help of this site, I recently multiplied exponentially the timeline Ida’s life.

Ida was born 24 October 1871 to Seneca and Martha (Parker) Osgood in Black River, Ohio.  Black River is now Lorain.  Just today I found this record of her birth on FamilySearch from Lorain County birth records:

Ida Osgood birth record

Ida Osgood birth record

Her father is listed as Leonard.  He signs her marriage license as L Seneca so perhaps it was his first name.

From "The Elyria Telegraph"  3 February 1887

From “The Elyria Telegraph”
3 February 1887

Ida appears to have had a bit of a “shotgun” wedding.  Her father signed her marriage license and testified that she was 16 years old on 31 January 1887.  However, she would not have turned sixteen until October that year.  Her husband, Harry L Bemis, was 21, and it appears she was pregnant as I recently found a record of daughter, Ida Bemis, being born 15 March 1887.  Sadly it seems she passed away two short weeks later.

By the time their son, Walter Sidney Bemis, is born 6 June 1889, they are living in Cleveland.  Again I wonder what led Harry and Ida to Cleveland?  Employment?  Being the only son, did he not want to take over his father’s farm someday?  Or were their families upset by her pregnancy and marrying at fifteen?  Walter was followed by Sybil Gladys shortly after on 9 April 1891.  My great-grandmother, Shirley Yolanda, was born 5 August 1901.

Marriage License

Marriage License

According to her death certificate it was about 1905 when Ida was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It appears it metastasized to her liver, stomach, and kidneys and she passed away in Cleveland 12 April 1909.  Her death certificate states she was buried in Lakeview Cemetery and I have located her grave on FindAGrave.  There is no picture so as soon as the weather warms up a little more we will be off to search for it.  Our 20th president, James Garfield and his wife, are also buried there.  I am told it is a beautiful cemetery.

Ida's death certificate

Ida’s death certificate


5 thoughts on “Ida Mae Osgood

  1. Grant Davis says:

    Welcome to Geneabloggers! This is a great blogging community.

    Regards, Grant

  2. celticmama36 says:

    I found you through Geneabloggers, too. I am now following you through the Feedly reader.

    Isn’t it great when we are able to knock a brick out of our family history walls? I am glad that you were able to find more information about Ms. Ida and wish you the best on your genealogy journey.

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