Military Monday: Teaching Children Family History

During World War II, my Poppy, Harry Lincoln Sebastian was an Army Air Corpsman, which later became the Air Force.  He was stationed in South Carolina and later Denver, Colorado where he worked as a mechanic on airplanes.

Harry in front of one of the planes he repaired

Harry in front of one of the planes he repaired

Not only do I love history and family history especially, I love to teach my children history, especially when I can find interactive ways to do so.  Last May my Dad invited us along to the regional airport’s air show.  The kids loved all the planes but it was especially meaningful to see a B-25, one of the airplanes their Poppy worked on during World War II.

My children with a B-25 like those their great-grandfather repaired

My children with a B-25 like those their great-grandfather repaired

If you find you have an ancestor who was involved in a particular occupation, branch of the service, or battle, I encourage you to educate yourself on it and take the time to pass your heritage on to your children by visiting such places with them.  It really makes history come alive and become even more personally meaningful.


5 thoughts on “Military Monday: Teaching Children Family History

  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    While I never served, many of my family and neighbors did. Those from WWII gave it their all…

  2. A great tip! I definitely agree that interactive history lessons are a great way to help our children become interested in their own history.

  3. This is a point that I hope so many take to heart. It’s a great way to get kids involved with family history, and it makes so many connections for them in their education as well. So glad to have found your blog!

    • I agree. I understand (and learn) so much more about history through genealogy. I have always loved history but learning it school gives it no context. Genealogy makes it come alive. As I research each life on our tree, I love to see how they fit into history and how the happenings of the time effected them. I have so many ancestors who were in the Civil War, someone dying during it, and I can’t wait to visit these battlefields with my children, something I never even considered before. You have probably seen the “Our Timelines” site at which creates a historical timeline of someone’s life after you enter the dates.

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