Eva’s Mother: Sarah E Grant

David Mooney Taylor &Sarah E Grant family

David Mooney Taylor &
Sarah E Grant family

sarahegranttree-page-001Sarah E Grant was born 15 May 1867 to Thomas and Juda (Hill?) Grant.  Her father was thirty and her mother was twenty-five at the time of her birth.  Before her they had Joshua about 1857, Jane about 1859, and Andrew about 1863.  In 1870 her family was living in Broad River, McDowell County, North Carolina where her father was a farmer.  On this census, they now had John born about 1868.  In the 1880 census, now living in Chimney Rock, Rutherford County, they also have William Judson born about 1872, Augustus F born about 1874, Margret E born about 1876, and Roy Vaughn born about 1879.

When Sarah married widower David Mooney Taylor in 1888, she was thirty years younger than him.  He had nine children, his oldest daughter being one year older than Sarah.  By the 1900 census, they have added five more children to the family: Melger Doston born 1890, Thomas Harril born 1892, Juda Ev-An born 1895, Mary Sue born 1897, and Mittie Seabright born 1900.  The family is living in Chimney Rock.

When I was searching through family photos, I came across a small, old photograph in a frame which I vaguely remember Granny telling me about but had honestly forgotten who was in the photo.   Mom said she was pretty sure that it was Mamaw’s (Eva’s) parents and Mamaw.  I carefully took the photo out of the frame.  It is taken from another larger photograph as you can see people cut off on the right.  The back of the picture gives a company name and address to send your photograph to and receive twelve copies like this one.  Are there eleven more still surviving somewhere?  On the back of the photo, written in David Mooney’s hand from his Bible and letter to Eva, is written: “D M Taylor.”  Judging by the ages of the children, this would be David and wife Sarah with three of his older children from his previous marriage standing behind them, probably Maomah and Caldonia, the oldest two daughters, and one of his oldest sons, either Jonathan or Joseph.  If you look closely at the photograph, the shoulders of people cut off on the right look tall enough that they would be from his first marriage as well.  Therefore, based on age, I would guess the child standing next to Sarah is Melger Doston, the child on David’s lap is Thomas Harril, and the baby on Sarah’s lap is Eva.

Sarah passed away 20 February 1904.  I do not know where she is buried, only that Mamaw tried to visit her grave once at a family cemetery and was unable to find it.  Perhaps it is Bill’s Creek Baptist Church where her husband was buried.


Sarah Grant Taylor’s children

Sometimes when you research family history, you run across distantly related relatives who are able to share information on the family and a picture or two.  This was the case recently when the grandson of Eva’s brother Doston contacted me.  He was able to share this photo of Sarah’s children.  Eva is on the right, Doston next to her with his daughter, two sisters, Mary and Mittie (unsure which is which), and Mittie’s husband, Grady Elkins.


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