Front Porch Friday

Some front porches get used and some do not.  It seems they were used much more in days gone by.  I think porches were made to be used by family and neighbors and friends who stop by.  They should have a swing and a rocking chair and maybe a glider. I have heard lots of stories from my mother and her cousins who remember really using a certain front porch and the rocking chairs on it on Morgan Terrace in Marion, North Carolina, the home of their grandparents, Gus and Eva Watkins.  Gran had several pictures of various family members on their front porch.  It’s my pleasure to begin sharing them here.

Gus & Eva Watkins' home on Morgan Terrace, Marion, NC

Gus & Eva Watkins’ front porch
Morgan Terrace, Marion, NC

Eva Taylor Watkins

Eva Taylor Watkins


2 thoughts on “Front Porch Friday

  1. Love this! I think front porches went out of style when air-conditioning came in…but we should have more of them. Very conducive to getting to know your neighbors.

    • I never thought about air conditioning! The world just seems a busier, faster paced place. I remember moving from a neighborhood with detached garages to one with attached ones and taking forever to get to know neighbors because everyone goes straight inside. We love sitting on our porch swing talking with the neighbors on summer evenings.

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