It’s Funny How a Memory Comes

Memories often come through an experience, a sight, a conversation, a sound, or a taste.  For many, including me, they come through smells.  Whenever I eat half runner grean beans, recall Sunbeam bread, or smell a peach, I think of summers in North Carolina and all the family there.


Four Generations: My Mom, Mamaw holding me, Gran

As I have begun researching the family
lines again, I have been waxing nostalgic.  This leads me to singing old hymns because there were many times at the end of family get-togethers that we ended up with a great-aunt playing piano as different family members came and went from the room singing old hymns.  The other day I was singing a hymn and suddenly to my remembrance came the fact that “In the Garden” was the favorite hymn of my great-grandmother, Juda Eva-An Taylor, whom I previously wrote about in a blog simply titled Mamaw.  I believe “In the Garden” was played at Mamaw’s funeral.  Unfortunately, we do not have a recording of the family singing it.  However, we do have this recording of them singing “Standing on the Promises” in 1976.


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